How to Get Free Likes For Your Band/Music Page on FacebookHow to get free likes: Groupies

We have all been through it, you are a musician/band/singer, you create an awesome Facebook page and expect to get hundreds of people flocking to your page and clicking the “Like” button. But instead what happens?… Well, nothing. Unfortunately as anyone with a Facebook page knows, the idea of build it and they will come just doesn’t work. You are now required to put a lot of work into creating a valuable page that people will want to go to. Facebook has become very business focused, meaning that they are making it almost a requirement that you spend money in order to see any kind of growth on your page. This is all well and good if you are a business that is or will be making money, but what about all the struggling musicians that just want to build a fan base and get more likes? Here are some basic and easy tips that show you how to get free likes on your fan page and increase your reach to more people.

What Not To Do:

How to get free likes: what not to do

Before we get started learning how to get free likes, it is important to know the wrong way of getting likes. If you have been in the game for a while, you may have heard of or even tried sites that promote like exchange offers where you are required to like a whole lot of pages, comment and share in order to gain points which you can use to get others to like your page.

This is almost 100% of the time the wrong thing to do. There are many people that use automation and fake Facebook pages in order to gain points and likes. Using those types of sites or even buying bulk packs of fan page likes does more harm than good. You may be tempted by the promise of getting a big increase in likes, and you may even get results, but the majority of those “real likes” are most likely fake pages or people who have no interest in you or what you have to offer.

How to Get Free Likes The Right Way:

Here are some helpful tips to increase your Fan page likes for free that I have picked up along the way and actually tested out myself and seen a great improvement. You will still need to put in a bit of work and effort (nothing is easy unfortunately) but you will see an improvement overall in your page.

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for the actions you take on your page. If you follow these instructions and don’t get the results you are after I am sorry.

Understand Your MarketHow to get free likes: Understand your market

Yes I know, you are a musician and when you hear terms like that you think complicated graphs and statistics that don’t make any sense. Although this may be true for some aspects, that is not what I mean. It is much more simple than that. The first thing you want to ask yourself is who do you want listening to you and liking your page? If your answer was everyone, then you need to think again. Lets say you are in a metal band and you are wanting to increase your page likes. Are you going to want to go after people interested in Pop or Country music? What about people that are not even overly interested in music? The answer to that is no. Your ideal audience would be metal heads other metal musicians/bands and if you were to generalize, people interested in rock music.

The same applies for any artist, you want to target people who will like what you do and even the artists that you like. Once you understand this it will make life a lot easier for you.

Standard Things You Need To Be Doing

These are more basic and simple things that all lead to you growing your Facebook page and gaining more fans. Although they are simple, you shouldn’t overlook them. When learning how to get free likes it is important that you cover all the basics first before moving on.

Promote your Facebook Page link… Everywhere! You should be including your Facebook page link on anything you can think of including email signatures (See this helpful link on setting up signatures in Gmail), websites, business cards, pamphlets, posters tickets and more. You get the idea and don’t forget to include it in your personal profile in the about section.

Post Content Regularly: You want to be posting regular content on your Facebook page to show users that you are active. If you are only posting about once a month, this is not enough. You need to post content at least once every few days to keep people interested.

Make Sure Your Page Is Complete and Looks Professional: This is too often overlooked, you are a musician promoting your page, you want it looking as good as possible. This is not only important for your fans but also any potential people that may want to get in contact with you. Fill in a detailed and interesting bio, add contact details and make sure you have a nice profile picture and banner.

Use Videos and Pictures: People respond a lot more to videos and pictures so don’t be afraid to post videos and pictures of your live shows and practice sessions. Make sure to tag anyone you know in them as well as any other bands/artists you may have performed with.

Quality over Quantity: Yes regular content is a good thing but you should also think about what you are posting. It is important to give people things that they actually might like to look at/watch/read. This way you are more likely to get them to like or share the post.

These are some basic things that any Facebook page should be doing and if you are not, then it will be worth trying them out and seeing how much of an improvement you get. There is a great list of 50 tips to learn how to get free likes over on Forbes, so rather than re-writing them you can read them here.

Pro Tips on How to Get Free Likes:How to get free likes: Pro Tips

OK now for the good stuff, trying the methods below will really increase your post reach and show you how to get free likes and more fans. A brief warning: With the methods below you want to use them in moderation. You don’t want to come across as spammy otherwise you run the risk of losing fans. The methods themselves are completely safe and harmless, many people use them on a regular basis, just don’t over-do it. It takes time and patience.

Join Facebook Groups Related To Your Music

This relates back to knowing your audience and working towards finding those people. Joining Facebook groups is a great way to help find people interested in the things that you are. Simply search for a topic for example Pop singers, and select groups. This will give you a list of groups that relate to pop singers. You can go a step further and put your location in to get people in your area.

Share Your Fan Page Posts to Other Facebook Groups

Groups also come with an added bonus, unlike Fan pages, you can post in groups and the post appears on the main group timeline for everyone to see. This is very helpful because you can now share your Fan page posts to the groups that you have joined.

Doing this will increase the reach of the posts that you make as more people are seeing them and you will be more likely to get likes from groups related to your page. This is pretty easy to do, simply go to your Fan page, find a post you want to share and click share. You will need to select share to group in the drop-down menu and type in the groups name.

Depending on the privacy settings of the group your post will automatically be submitted, or it will need to be approved by an admin of the group. If your post is of quality and relates to the group it will more than likely be accepted and published.
How to Get Free Likes

Add Friends From Groups

OK some people may be skeptical about adding friends that they do not know, however this is a good way to network and find like minded musicians and people who may be interested in what you do. The reason I say add friends from groups is that the people joined that group for a reason… they like what it has to offer, so most of the time they will also like what you have to offer and will accept your request.

This is a very good way to build relationships (no not that kind of relationship) and work towards building your audience.

Invite Friends To Like Your Page

If you haven’t already, you should go to your Fan Page and start inviting your friends. If you are like me and don’t like sitting around scrolling through your friends and inviting them one by one, there is actually a great tool to speed up this process. There is a Free Chrome Extension called Invite All Friends on Facebook  which does exactly that. It allows you to invite all of your friends to like your page automatically with the click of a few buttons.

This is an excellent tool and has helped me to increase my page likes dramatically. I have only just started promoting my Facebook page and doing the steps above (Joining related groups, adding friends from those groups and then inviting all to like my page) This has helped me to get over 500 likes in a few weeks. That number may not seem too high but it will continue to grow and best of all it is doing so without the help of Facebook advertising. I got all of those likes completely free.

One Final Tip

Once your page starts to grow and you are getting likes on your posts, it is a good idea to click on the likes and see who has liked what. The reason is that you can see if they have liked your page or not. Even when you invite all friends you still get other people visiting and liking posts, what is even better is that you can actually invite these people.

All you need to do is find a post with some likes, click on the actual amount of likes the post has in order to see who liked the post. You will then see the names of the people and to the right will either be a “Liked” sign or an “Invite” Button. You can then go through and click invite to all that have the button displayed.



Building a Facebook page takes a lot of work and time, it is not easy and with Facebook pushing you to pay for advertising and boosting post reach, it can seem impossible. Hopefully these tips have helped you learn how to get free likes and you are are able to implement some or all of the tips on to your own page. If you have any more tips or advice be sure to let us know in the comments.

Also we would love it if you used the invite all extension to invite all of your friends to like our Facebook Page. It would really help us out.