How To Become A Better Singer: Superior Singing Method Review

Hi, my name is Joe and I write articles and reviews here at Review Music Products. If You are looking to get started with learning to sing or improving your skills as a singer, follow the steps below and read this review on The Superior Singing Method.

Find out how this course can help you to see results in no time at all and learn how to become a better singer fast.

Without vocal lessons it can be very difficult to learn to improve your voice which is why it is very important to have a great vocal instructor. This will allow you to become a better singer and instantly see results.

There are some people who are naturally gifted at singing, they have the perfect tone, range and clarity that just sounds great without singing lessons.

Unfortunately because not everyone is born equally, most people need to put a lot of work into training their voice and learning all the correct steps to improve.

Even the best singers spend countless hours practicing scales and working to better themselves. They work with professional vocal coaches to help make their voices sound much better.

Either way, it is not an easy task and a high level of dedication and commitment to practicing is what will get you to a professional level.

Top Vocal Tips To Improve Your Voice:

Knowing Your Vocal Range

In order to develop and train your voice, you must first have a good understanding of your vocal range and how your range relates and blends with other singers and their vocal ranges.

Knowing this will help you to stay within a comfortable series of pitches which you can first train and master, and then look at increasing your vocal range.

There are many vocal ranges which most peoples voices will sit naturally within. Having one voice type over another is not a bad thing.

Once you can understand your range you will be able to work towards it’s strengths and help practice improving any weaknesses. This is an important part of learning how to become a good singer because without any knowledge of your range, it is very difficult to improve.

Below are six of the standard vocal ranges for both male and females. There are more ranges which are mostly an extension to the ones listed below.

  • Soprano (female)
  • Mezzo-Soprano (female)
  • Alto (female)
  • Countertenor (male)
  • Tenor (male)
  • Baritone (male)
  • Bass (male)

You will find that a lot of the ranges will overlap in some places and that is nothing to worry about, it just naturally works that way.

A good way to find out what type of vocal range suits you is to sit at a piano and play some notes within those ranges and try to sing or hum along with them.

If you don’t have a piano or can’t read music, there are various apps that can help you and so can the Superior Singing Method.

Learning to Breathe Correctly and Develop Breath Control:

This is another very important step that many people miss. Your breath control can help to give you power over notes, allowing you to sustain them over extended periods. You will also find that your singing ability will seem to increase as you breathe properly while singing.

You want to be breathing using your diaphragm, if you don’t know what that is, or are not sure how to tell if you are or not, Place one hand on your stomach and one on your chest.

Then take a deep slow breath. If you notice the hand on your stomach goes out while the hand on your chest it goes in when breathing in, that is a good sign.

If it is the opposite, then it means that you are breathing through your chest. That is something to avoid doing and if you have a habit of breathing through your chest, the Superior Singing Method has some great tips to help with this process and get you breathing correctly.

This is something that you want to practice daily and get into the habit of doing, you will not be able to reach your full potential as a singer if you can not achieve correct breathing techniques.

Also if you are new to singing and all of this is just too confusing for now, take a break and do it in steps. Singing isn’t an easy thing to master, these things take time and patience.

Improve Your Singing Stance and Posture:

When you are practicing your vocals and singing, you want to be standing. This isn’t always the most ideal and a lot of people avoid doing this, however it really does help. When most people are sitting down they tend to slouch, especially when sitting on a chair without a back rest.

This collapses your muscles which you need to help with breath control, therefore it makes sense to be standing while practicing and performing.

It is OK to sit down sometimes when practicing as I know a lot of people practice in the car or play shows while sitting at a piano. This is fine, however most of the time you want to practice standing. If you do wish to sit down or have no other option, at least make sure you sit up straight without slouching your back and shoulders.

When standing, you want to keep your back nice and straight with your feet shoulder width apart from each other. Your head should be straight with your mouth, tongue and jaw nicely relaxed.

A lot of singers tense their faces and mouths with the thought that this improves range… it doesn’t. With that being said. it is hard but you are going to want to also relax and feel comfortable to sing.

This can take some getting used to and if you are practicing at home I suggest you find a mirror to check your stance and posture.

As mentioned previously if you are new to this, learning these things takes time and practice. You may not get there right away but keep at it!

Learn Vocal Warm ups and Practice Them:

When most people hear the phrase “vocal warm ups” they tend to cringe. This is because a lot of people don’t like doing them or think that they are embarrassing to do for a number of reasons.

Vocal warm ups are an essential part of learning to become a good singer. Every professional vocalist does them and you should be no different. Even if you are a naturally gifted singer, vocal warm ups and exercises can help you to improve and also prevent any injuries that could potentially occur.

Warmups are there to help you improve your voice and also help you to work on a range of other things things such as:

  • Pitch
  • Pronunciation
  • Clarity
  • Vocal Range
  • Power
  • Stamina

As well as basically all aspects of learning and improving with your voice. A lot of warm-ups involve scale runs and pronouncing various things that sound weird. They are often designed to help to relax the throat and mouth while practicing vocal techniques.

If you are a relatively shy person, it can be a good idea to warm up somewhere private to allow you to get the best out of your practice.

Scales can be a great way to increase both your lower and higher vocal range. It is good to practice scales and common scale patterns as they are used within vocal melodies so it will help you to be able to pitch songs a lot easier.

One thing to remember is that singing songs is not a replacement for warmups and practice. You should be implementing these every day, especially if you want to learn how to become a good singer and work as a vocalist professionally.

Learn Pitch Recognition

There are some people who are born with something called Perfect Pitch, which allows them to instantly be able to tell if a note is on key and to varying degrees, which note the pitch is. For those of us who do not have this ability, it can be an excellent idea to work on practicing pitch recognition. Especially when imitating or practicing songs.

Pitch recognition is something that requires a lot of effort and time, but it is really worth the effort and you will notice a great increase in your pitch accuracy while singing.

The best way to practice is to not try to learn it all in one go, you should take it in steps and slowly build up your skills with recognizing and replicating the melodies.

Vocal Heath and Physical Health:

This is a topic that often brings up a lot of debate among vocalists. This is mostly due to the poor media coverage of what professional vocalists are actually like. Your voice is not only an instrument, it is also part of your body meaning that along with practice and regular training, you also need to look after it.

Water is one of the best things that you can use to help your voice. You want to ensure you are very hydrated and able to sing without a dry throat. This means unfortunately caffeine and alcohol are out of the question when getting ready for a performance. You want to avoid sugary and caffeinated drinks.

Another thing that you can do is keep physically fit as well. There are many pop singers who also do a lot of choreography while singing. If you are wanting to ever become somewhat popular within the pop music scene, or even rock or metal.

You are going to want to be sure that you can sing at your best while dancing or jumping around on stage. There are many pro singers who work out while singing and warming up their voice. This is the kind of dedication that is required when learning how to become a better singer.

There are also some other foods that you should avoid when getting ready for a performance. Keep in mind that nobody is perfect and you shouldn’t get too worked up about what you can and can’t do while preparing for a gig.

First off dairy products and sugary sweets can clog up your throat. Spicy and salty foods are also to be avoided when practicing.

As with most musicians there are a lot of smokers around, this is something you really should avoid, and if you are a smoker, at least try to hold off as best you can until after the gig. Just make sure your practice and warmups are on point in order to improve.

Practice Regularly

I know I have stated this multiple times already, however this point can’t be more important, You must commit yourself to regular practice, even if it is not a lot. As long as you spend a little bit of time  each day or every other day in order to develop and strengthen your muscle memory.

You must ensure that you regularly practice your vocal warm ups and also breathing practice will also make you see results to your hard work in a short amount of time.

Superior Singing Method Review: Learn How to Become a Good Singer

All of the above will do wonders to help you improve your voice and get you on your way to becoming a good singer. A lot of work is required to be good and it can take a lot more advice than learning by yourself can provide.

I highly recommend the Superior Singing Method as a great way to get accessible and affordable web design. I have an extensive review of the method below which I highly recommend you read through it and see just how great it is

The Superior Singing Method is an online course designed by Aaron Anastasi. Aaron has traveled all around the world performing and working with award-wining musicians and producers. Aaron was not always a good singer and has worked hard over many years to learn how to become a better singer.

He has been to some of the best singing coaches around the world and found that although they were great, there was always something missing with each vocal teacher. Aaron began coaching and refining his teaching methods further, finally he began work on his Superior Singing Method.

The Superior Singing Method is a collection of all of Aaron’s experience and knowledge put together in a complete online vocal training program, it has been designed so that anyone at any age or skill level can use the course to help them get results instantly and improve their vocal skills. Not only is it made for all ages and skill levels but it also works for singers of any style be it classical, jazz, rock, blues, country, pop and many more styles.

Why Should I Learn to Sing Online?

Learning to sing can be quite difficult, it is almost impossible to learn how to become a better singer overnight without vocal lessons. You may feel intimidated by the thought of meeting face to face with a professional signer to teach you and go through warm-ups. If you are a beginner you will find it hard to do as the instructor says, you will be nervous and may find that all of the muscles in your voice tense up, you are physically unable to sing correctly in this situation.

Another problem with face to face lessons is that they are only available to help you during the lessons. Once you go home you have no one to help you practice or help you correct any problems. Learning to become a better singer online allows you to always have lessons available instantly at any time you need them to refer to.

With the Superior Singing Method you can start learning right in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you like to practice. You can even quickly develop your vocal skills in the car on you way to work!

There are special vocal tips and singing exercises that are provided for you to learn how to become a good singer. These are available for you to download and store anywhere on your smartphone (Android/iPhone), tablet or computer (Mac/PC). It is very helpful having these warm-ups and singing exercises with you at all times, it allows you to instantly learn when ever you feel like it and you are not limited to practicing at home.

What is Included in the Superior Singing Method?

The Superior Singing Method is packed with so many great resources for singers, below is a brief list of what is included however I recommend you visit the website to see for yourself just how much is included. Although there is so much valuable content, it is very well organised and prevents you from becoming overwhelmed and confused with everything.

31 vocal training exercises and techniques that are split into 8 different modules which each concentrate on specific techniques and elements of vocal training. You will easily be able to pick something that you want to learn or improve and follow the module. The 8 different modules are listed below:

  1. Unique vocal tips, warm-ups and singing exercises.
  2. Breath management and diaphragm breathing.
  3. Master vocal tone and learn how to be a better singer.
  4. Improving vocal pitch overnight.
  5. Resonance singing with power.
  6. The mix voice and singing higher notes.
  7. Quickly improving vocal agility.
  8. Advanced strengthening and vocal techniques.

Don’t stress if you saw some techniques or terms that you are unfamiliar with, Aaron explains all of the terms in great detail and walks you through them. This allows you to easily grasp the concepts and successfully learn how to get better at singing.

What Else is Included?

  • Systematic vocal training method.

The Superior Singing Method works through a systematic teaching method that allows you to learn the right techniques at the right time.

It covers every aspect of singing and using your voice, you will learn to have full control over your voice allowing you to become a much more successful vocalist.

  • Video and audio training.

A lot of online courses are only audio, there is no way to see what is going on. With Aaron’s course you also get step by step HD video instructions on everything that you need to know.

You are able to watch how all of the proper techniques are achieved and instantly see how to do them yourself.

As well as the video lessons you also get audio instructions, vocal tips and singing exercises to work on.

  • Daily practice routines.

It is important when learning any skill to be able to practice easily and to enjoy what you are learning.

The daily practice routines included are easy and enjoyable, you will quickly start to pick up all of the techniques with these routines.

You are taken through the singing exercises allowing you to know exactly what to to and when, this helps speed up the process of learning to sing by always feeling confident that you are learning the correct techniques at the correct time without any risk of damaging your voice.

How to Become a Good Singer: Superior Singing Method Summary.

Recent years have seen the rise in popularity for learning how to become a great singer overnight with popular T.V. Shows such as “The Voice” and “American Idol”. Many people are looking for ways to learn how to be a better singer.

Learning through the Superior Singing Method is an excellent way to instantly learn how to become a better singer, there is so much valuable material included and Aaron makes everything enjoyable.

He is helpful and explains the concepts clearly, you will quickly see how much he cares about other people and their needs for singing better.

With all of the experience that he has it is great that he did something with it and shared it to allow anyone to learn to sing fast.

The course takes you through every step of quickly learning how to sing better and covers every technique that you need to know, you get video and audio lessons, vocal tips and singing exercises to see and hear everything that you need to know. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or an expert. Anyone will improve by following this course, the singing exercises alone are enough to keep you engaged and learning and for the price it is well worth it.

The best part is that you will be able to learn how to improve your singing voice at home or anywhere you like.

Price: $97 That’s All!

The average price for vocal lessons with a decent singing instructor is around $40.

You will need at least 20-30 lessons before you start to see and hear any improvement. The price for 30 vocal lessons is $1,200!

The Superior Singing Method is excellent value for money, for the entire course you pay $97 and you will get instant access to everything.

So for just over the price of two decent face to face voice lessons, you get an entire vocal training course to watch and listen to as many times as you like, anywhere, anytime.

If you are looking to improve your voice or how to become a great singer overnight, then you should look no further until you have tried this course.

The best part is they also offer a 60 day money back guarantee, however after trying the course you will find that this is not needed.

Take a look now and give it a go yourself, with the help from these online vocal lessons and a little bit of practice you will be well on your way to having a great voice instantly with complete vocal control.

Click Here to check out the Superior Singing Method now!

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