New Music Video for ‘Aftermath’ from 2015 Drones Album

Muse have just released a new music video for ‘Aftermath’ from their 2015 album Drones. The song has recently been released as a single and a new music video usually appears not long after a Muse single release.

The Aftermath music video was the creation of Japanese film Director Tekken, it was created in a flipbook-style with a story of a soldier who leaves his family behind. Tekken has worked with Muse in the past working on music videos for the songs Follow Me from the 2012 album The 2nd Law and also Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption) from the 2009 album The Resistance.

Drones is Muse’s seventh album and was released in June 2015, the album went number one in the UK and is their fifth album to hit the number one spot. Matt Bellamy describes the album as:

“How the world is run by drones utilizing drones to turn us all into drones.”

Watch the new music video for ‘Aftermath’ below:

Drones Come Crashing Down at Muse Show

Muse have always been known for their outrageous stage shows and with the Drones album tour, this was no different. Muse have had large drones fly above the crowd at their shows and at a gig in London’s O2 Arena one drone ended up crashing into the crowd during the song The Globalist. Thankfully no one was injured and the show continued on.

Muse Invite Adele to Perform Onstage With ThemAdele and Muse: new music video for ‘Aftermath’

In Recent news Muse invite Adele to perform with them onstage at a show in Glastonbury to help Adele calm her nerves the night before she is due to perform. Adele has always avoided festivals and this is why it is such a big thing for her to do.

“The best thing for her to do would be to come the night before, watch us and come on and sing a song with us.”

Matt Bellamy tells BBC Radio host Nick Grimshaw.