Mandy Sleaze – Runaway

Newly reformed Swedish band Mandy Sleaze have released a new single for their up-coming EP. It has seen a great response being played internationally on multiple radio stations. The song “Runaway” is a classic sounding rock song that features great vocal harmonies and guitar work. The song has an old-school Glam Metal sound with the excellent solo work that comes with the genre. The song features two solos that are both well written and performed. If you are a metal fan then you need to give this song a listen.  Runaway is raw, powerful and rebellious. This is a great teaser for Mandy Sleaze’s album and great things are expected to come.

Runaway was originally released as a demo but picked up by Beau Hill, an American record producer who has worked with bands such as  Alice Cooper, Kix, Winger, Streets, Warrant, Fiona, Europe and Ratt. The band were contacted and started working with Beau who mixed and mastered Runaway.

Originally formed in 2009, Mandy Sleaze started with Jonas ”The Bumblebee ” Andersson. Jonas formed the band with his brother Danny after deciding that the music he was working on was too good to be contained and he had to get it out there. After recording Runaway they began to get some great feedback and were booked at a sold out show until the day before where they all dis-banded.

Mandy Sleaze has recently reformed after some videos Jonas posted online were seen by a top Swedish radio station. They started writing some new material and are now preparing for their new EP. We expect big things to come from Mandy Sleaze and they are definitely a band to listen out for.

Mandy Sleaze are in the studio recording currently so you can expect more music from them very soon. For now you can subscribe to their YouTube channel and like their Facebook page to stay up to date.


Mandy Sleaze