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Everyone who runs a website or blog online knows the importance of reaching out and networking with others around the internet. This helps to build trust and also valuable backlinks. If you have ever tried to do any type of external SEO, then you will know just how difficult it can be to build links. Writing a guest post is a great way to build safe and reliable links while helping to contribute to others.  Just take a look at this article from Moz to see how important guest posts can be.

My name is Joe and I run Review Music Products, a place for people to find useful reviews, tips, news and information on various music related products. I have a wide knowledge of various musical instruments and genres so I aimed to provide a site where I could share my knowledge.

Now I feel that I have built the site up and it is established enough to allow for guests to contribute articles and make guest posts. If you have knowledge about something music related, consider contacting me to make a guest post. I only have a few basic requirements and we could help each other out by gaining some more valuable links

If you are interested in writing a guest post, read the requirements below and get in contact with me.

Guest Post Requirements

  • Unique – no copy pasted/spun articles
  • Posts to be written in English
  • minimum 300 words
  • Prefer reviews, helpful tips or news articles
  • prefer you have a website which we can link each other to and from

I try to keep my posts interesting and most importantly helpful for my audience, I am looking for posts that do the same. Posts must be unique and not copy pasted from other sites. I also require a minimum of 300 words, there is no maximum word count. Posts can be about any musical genre or about any instrument. They can be reviews, helpful tips or news. The only other real requirement is that I would prefer it if you have a website and are willing to link to my website from yours. In return I will do the same on your post, as well as mention your site and post where ever I feel is relevant on other posts that I make.

These are pretty basic requirements and I am sure that you will find them easy to follow. If you are interested, get in contact with me and maybe let me know an idea that you want to write an article about. I have the right to not accept applications, however as long as you are genuinely interested your guest post will almost always be accepted.

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